Our team created OrbitalCyber with the hope of solving a common problem we observed in our assessments.

Our Company

"We help companies establish information security to ensure both their customers' data and corporate data is secure. Information security is a complex and challenging problem for today's enterprise. Here at Sage Infrastructure Solutions Group Inc, we solve this problem by focusing on Governance, Risk, Compliance, and to ensure that your enterprise architectures are secure. Our security advice is always vendor agnostic and backed by certified information security professionals.

Don't let your information security challenges inhibit your business. We're here to help."

Cory Merritt, Founding Member & CEO

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Our Code & Ethics

Ethics are of utmost importance to us. All employees and contractors are strictly required to adhere to our code of ethics. These ethical guidelines not only protect our customers but, also foster a safe and accepting work environment where everyone is welcome.

If you have encountered an employee or contractor violating this code, please notify us immediately.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect Canadian businesses. IT is a critical aspect of any business, and the effects of a failure in either IT Infrastructure or IT Security can be disastrous.

We are always striving to help our customers reduce their risk and better protect themselves. We do this not by recommending preferred vendor solutions or best of breed products like our competitors. Instead, we look at our customer's needs objectively and provide agnostic professional advice on how best to meet their corporate goals.

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