Advisory Services

Sage Infrastructure Solutions Group's excellence begins with our remarkable consultants. Our team brings together decades of experience in IT, risk, and security, covering a wide array of industries and business sizes. Our consultants are driven by a deep-seated commitment to make your security program relevant, actionable, and sustainable.

Maximize The Impact of Your People, Process, and Technology

Alongside their refined skills, we arm our consultants with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to provide you with assessment services that offer clear steps to elevate your security program. Through our variety of threat-focused program offerings, our team can promptly assess your security posture and identify areas of strength and improvement. Our mission is to help you optimize your existing security investments and maximize the impact of your people, process, and technology.

At the end of our engagement, you'll have a prioritized, actionable, data-driven roadmap and a step-by-step guide to bolster your security posture.

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The Sage ISG Difference

What makes our approach unique is you. Our extensive cybersecurity and program development expertise enables us to build a tailored program that's perfect for your organization. With Sage ISG, your organization can:

Leverage Experts

Our strategic security experts have vast experience building and managing security programs across various areas, including vulnerability management, threat intelligence, incident response, and red team programs.

Drive Executive Alignment

Our experts work seamlessly with organizational leaders to select the appropriate tools and technology and construct the guidelines, procedures and policies that help them steward effective security controls within the organization.

Create Measurable Improvement

Our services drive quantifiable improvements, addressing both strategic and tactical aspects of enhancing security. We develop detailed documentation to support your security program, including vendor and tool-agnostic recommendations, prioritized execution roadmaps, and executive-facing presentations.

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Feeling overwhelmed, understaffed, or unprotected? Sage ISG's Advisory Services were designed with your realities in mind.

We're here to help you prioritize your security initiatives, align them with your business goals, and drive progress at an accelerated pace.
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Our Advisory Services Include:

Cybersecurity Maturity Level Assessment (CMLA)

We utilize the ISACA COBIT framework to assess your current cybersecurity capabilities thoroughly. The COBIT model's maturity levels range from nonexistent (0) to optimized (5), offering a comprehensive view of your cybersecurity infrastructure. This assessment aids us in identifying your organization's strengths and areas of improvement. We align this understanding with your business objectives and risk appetite, leading to the development of a tailored, robust, and sustainable cybersecurity program that evolves as your organization matures.

Security Program Development

With over two decades of experience in information technology, our team of CISSP, OSCP, OSWP, KLCP, ECIH, and CISM-certified professionals is ready to construct a comprehensive security program that suits your organization's unique needs. Our deep understanding of diverse industry verticals enables us to formulate programs that align with your business objectives, risk appetite, and the current threat landscape. Our recommendations provide a security framework and lay the groundwork for sustainable investment in your personnel, procedures, and technology, leading to quantifiable cybersecurity improvements within a timeframe suitable for your organization.

Virtual CISO

Leveraging our team's extensive knowledge, we provide a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service. Your vCISO, working directly with your team regardless of size, will strategize, plan, and execute a cybersecurity strategy that seamlessly aligns with your business goals. Our vCISO service helps your organization navigate the cybersecurity landscape, enabling your business while dramatically reducing information security risk and inefficiency.