SIEM Logging Layer

Our open-source-powered logging solution will transform how your organization collects, filters, and enriches log data before it reaches the SIEM.

Streamline Your Security Operations with Sage ISG's Logging Layer

In today's constantly evolving threat landscape, managing security logs and identifying potential threats can be a daunting task. Traditional SIEM solutions often provide limited log filtering and parsing capabilities, resulting in an overwhelming number of logs that can lead to delays in identifying critical security events. At Sage ISG, we understand the importance of streamlining your security operations to help you identify and mitigate potential threats effectively.

Our Logging Layer solution is designed to address these challenges and deliver outcomes that matter to your organization. By leveraging our open-source-powered logging solution, you can transform how you collect, filter, and enrich log data before it reaches the SIEM, helping your security team see through the noise and react to critical security indicators before they impact your organization.

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Key Outcomes of Our Logging Layer Solution

Enhanced Log Filtering

Focused on providing dynamic filtering capabilities, our Logging Layer solution eliminates noisy and unhelpful logs and can help prevent unnecessary alerts, improving incident response times and reducing operational costs.

Improved Log Parsing

Our solution includes log enrichment plugins that provide event parsing and contextualization, allowing your teams to easily correlate disparate log events and improve query performance through a common field naming convention.

Containerized and Kubernetes-Ready

Our Logging Layer solution is containerized and can run in any environment, allowing your teams to meet any log processing needs through Kubernetes’ scalability.

Expert Onboarding

Our skilled consultants will help your team onboard your applications and cloud environments to ensure that all your critical log data is right where you need it, providing you with valuable insights into your security posture.

Managed Service

We offer a managed service where our team will setup and maintain the logging layer cluster(s), assist with application onboarding, and provide our customers with SLAs and incident response.

At Sage ISG, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions to help organizations protect their valuable data and assets from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Our Logging Layer solution is just one example of how we can help streamline your security operations, improve your security posture, and ensure compliance with industry best practices.
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