Penetration Testing

Secure your organization's future with our expert penetration testing services. At Sage Infrastructure Solutions Group, we understand the demands of organizations, and our tailored approach delivers the results that matter most to your business.

Employ cutting-edge techniques to simulate genuine cyber-attacks

Our seasoned team of ethical hackers, based in Calgary, Alberta, employs cutting-edge techniques to simulate genuine cyber-attacks. We identify and address vulnerabilities in your security controls, ensuring the long-term protection of your valuable digital assets. Choose from our diverse range of penetration testing options, including White Box, Grey Box, and Black Box testing, to find the perfect solution for your organization's unique requirements.

By understanding the unique advantages and outcomes of each penetration testing approach, you can make an informed decision on the best course of action for your organization. This knowledge will enable you to prioritize security measures that have the most significant impact on safeguarding your valuable assets, ensuring the continued success and growth of your business.

Experience peace of mind, knowing that our penetration testing services are designed to:
  • Reduce risk by uncovering and addressing security vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and Meritas.
  • Save on potential costs associated with cyber-attacks, data breaches, and reputational damage.
  • Strengthen your organization's overall security posture.
  • Monitor and respond to emerging threats proactively.
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Providing outcome focused services that will help your organization achieve its security goals

As a Canadian business, we appreciate the significance of protecting your data, reputation, customer trust, and we are committed to providing outcome focused services that will help your organization achieve its security goals. At the end of every engagement, our team will provide a detailed report that outlines clear, actionable insights.

Utilizing advanced tools and technologies, our comprehensive penetration testing services identify vulnerabilities that may otherwise slip under the radar. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and regular vulnerability assessments to ensure your security remains robust over time.

Choose Sage Infrastructure Solutions Group to safeguard your organization's future.

Contact us today to discover how our results-driven penetration testing services can provide you with the protection and confidence your business deserves.
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Sage ISG Penetration Testing Methodology

White Box Testing

White Box testing is an in-depth evaluation of your organization's internal systems, networks, and applications.

In this approach, our expert ethical hackers are granted full access to crucial information, including source code, infrastructure, architecture, and documentation. This comprehensive knowledge enables them to conduct a meticulous analysis of your entire digital ecosystem, leaving no stone unturned in the to identify and address potential security risks.
Key Outcomes of White Box testing include:
  • A thorough understanding of your organization's security architecture, pinpointing weak points and potential attack vectors.
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities originating from design flaws, coding errors, misconfigurations, and other internal issues.
  • Comprehensive recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities, prioritizing those that pose the most significant risk, and suggesting improvements in development processes and security policies.
  • Enhanced protection of sensitive data and intellectual property by reinforcing security measures on both the application and infrastructure levels.
  • Early detection of security issues, enabling your organization to address them before they can be exploited by malicious actors.
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Grey Box Testing

Grey Box testing supplies a balanced approach to penetration testing by granting our ethical hacker’s partial access to your organization's system information and documentation.

This method simulates a more realistic attack scenario, as it closely resembles the access level typically achieved by cybercriminals through social engineering, phishing, or exploiting known vulnerabilities. The limited information available to our testers allows them to assess your organization's security posture in a manner that mirrors real-world threats.
Key Outcomes of Grey Box testing include:
  • A practical perspective on the security of your systems, networks, and applications, offering insights into vulnerabilities that may be exploited by an attacker with limited knowledge of your organization's infrastructure.
  • Uncovering security gaps that could be leveraged by cybercriminals, including weaknesses in access controls, authentication mechanisms, and encryption protocols.
  • Actionable insights for enhancing security measures based on realistic threat scenarios, helping your organization stay one step ahead of potential attackers.
  • Improved detection and prevention of insider threats by evaluating your organization's security posture from an attacker's viewpoint.
  • Identification of opportunities to optimize security monitoring, incident response, and user awareness training programs.
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Black Box Testing

Black Box testing, also known as blind testing, simulates real-world cyber-attacks by providing our ethical hackers with no prior knowledge of your organization's systems or networks.

This approach offers a valuable outsider's perspective, as our experts must rely solely on publicly available information and their own skills to identify vulnerabilities, probe for weaknesses, and attempt to breach your defences.
Key Outcomes of Black Box testing include:
  • Insights into the security vulnerabilities that are most susceptible to external threats, helping your organization prioritize resources and efforts to protect its most critical assets.
  • An evaluation of your organization's defences from an outsider's perspective, revealing potential blind spots and areas of improvement.
  • Recommendations for strengthening your security posture against real-world cyber-attacks, focusing on perimeter defences, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security awareness training for employees.
  • Assessment of your organization's resilience to cyber-attacks, highlighting the effectiveness of existing security measures and identifying areas where additional safeguards may be needed.
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Threat Modeling Services

Why Choose Sage ISG to Secure Your Digital Infrastructure

In today's ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, it's more important than ever to assess the potential security risks and threats that come with implementing new systems or software, as well as assessing the security of existing systems and processes. At Sage Infrastructure Solutions Group, we offer a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential security threats through our Threat Modeling Service.
But why choose Sage ISG for your threat modeling needs? Here are some key reasons:

Expertise and Experience

Through consistent training and reinforcement, employees become more aware of potential threats and develop the skills needed to identify and avoid phishing attacks.

Customized Mitigation Strategies

We go beyond providing a generic list of potential threats – our team collaborates with you to develop tailored mitigation strategies that address your specific security risks and compliance requirements. By considering the unique threat actors, attack vectors, and attack surfaces relevant to your organization, we ensure a targeted approach that effectively safeguards your digital assets.

Regulatory Compliance

Our threat modeling process involves systematically identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing the potential threats your organization faces. We take into account your assets and threats to create a comprehensive understanding of your security landscape. This enables us to develop effective mitigation strategies that address the most pressing threats to your business.

Informed Decision-Making

Our threat modeling services equip your organization's leadership with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed, data-driven decisions about new investments, policies, and procedures. By providing a clear and actionable picture of your organization's security landscape, we enable better strategic planning and risk management.

At Sage ISG, we understand that your organization's digital infrastructure is critical to your success.

Our Threat Modeling Services provide a proactive and customized approach to securing your organization's digital assets. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you mitigate risks and secure your digital infrastructure.
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