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Transform your organization's workforce into a strong line of defense with our comprehensive Human Risk Management (HRM) platform, which includes phishing assessments.

Phishing Assessments: Cultivating A Security-minded Workforce Through Human Risk Management

By simulating real-world phishing attacks and gauging your users' security awareness, we help you understand and address potential vulnerabilities in user behavior. Our detailed reports, recommendations, and automated training programs empower your organization to foster a security-minded culture, reducing the risk of successful phishing attacks and protecting your valuable assets.
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Key Outcomes of our Phishing Assessments

A security-aware and vigilant workforce

Through consistent training and reinforcement, employees become more aware of potential threats and develop the skills needed to identify and avoid phishing attacks.

Reduced risk of successful phishing attacks and data breaches

By identifying vulnerabilities in user behavior and addressing them through targeted training, organizations can minimize the chances of a successful phishing attack, resulting in fewer data breaches.

Enhanced protection for sensitive data and critical assets

By cultivating a security-savvy workforce, organizations can better safeguard their sensitive data and critical assets from cyber threats.

Improved compliance with industry standards and regulations

Our HRM platform helps organizations demonstrate compliance with key standards, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR, by implementing effective security policies, training, and awareness initiatives.

Long-term security benefits through ongoing training and education

With our automated and user-tailored training programs, organizations can ensure continuous improvement in employee security awareness, leading to a more resilient workforce against evolving threats.

Discover the benefits of a security-minded workforce with our HRM platform, which includes phishing assessments, policy management and more.

Strengthen your organization's human security posture against evolving cyber threats by driving secure user behavior, improving security processes, reducing phishing vulnerability, and mitigating external threats. Get started with a demo, start a trial, or chat with our team to learn more.
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