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Introducing OrbitalCyber

Published: July 5, 2022
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Our team has encountered a troubling trend when performing penetration tests for our customers. Whether due to cost or complexity, organizations are not performing vulnerability scans on all of their assets. These organizations frequently have a vulnerability assessment or management solution in place but are still failing to get full coverage.

OrbitalCyber is our team’s attempt to solve this problem. OrbitalCyber allows customers to deploy vulnerability scanners to internal networks and cloud environments quickly. Furthermore, because OrbitalCyber is powered by open-source software, there is no restrictive licensing to navigate. The use of open-source software also means our cost to customers is vastly reduced, and customers can deploy many more scanners without the complex infrastructure to support them.

The OrbitalCyber Dropship Module (Scanners) Dashboard

Under this deployment model, OrbitalCyber orchestrates and aggregates the data from scanners, rolling up the reports to a single interface so your security team(s) can review them and coordinate remediation efforts. To empower your team, OrbitalCyber includes access control that can be defined for users and groups at every level. Security teams can delegate permissions on scanners to operations teams and mandate when and how these teams must scan assets. Operations teams can grant access to reports to management so that management can see the current overall status of the infrastructure.

Our team sincerely hopes organizations find OrbitalCyber useful in their cybersecurity journey. If you are interested in trying OrbitalCyber, please click here to signup. All new accounts are provided with a $30 starting balance which should give users enough account credit to try OrbitalCyber for a month.

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